Saturday, August 15, 2009

More trees and other bits

A quick update:

- A water bowser for the station approach section has been created and has had its first coat of yellow paint.
- The two structures for the water tanks have had small base plates added to the bottoms of the supports and have been sprayed satin black.
- 3 new trees from' skale (sic) scenics' (i.e. hornby) have been acquired today and will be added asap. The 2 canyon creek trees arrived (from Oregon) recently too and have already been added.
- Further (last time?) ballasting has been done after the hoover (dyson) removed a bit more than I expected.
- The first two uprights for the platform nameboards have been set in place
- The first planter has had its busch flowers glued in place
- Final weathering of ballast will be completed now I have some more woodland scenics stone grey. This has already been started with sleeper grime and slate grey.


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