Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mega update

Spent another day painting at Dad's.  Progress was made on many fronts.  Here's where things are up to:

Castell Caernarfon has had its plates added and a few other titbits...

P1100021 P1100022
P1100023 P1100024

But most of the work since the last update has been on 138... with much piping added, mudhole door covers replicated by using the lenses from small red LEDs(!), washout plugs installed etc etc

 P1100026  P1100028

The tanks are done and were primed just after this shot was taken:


The Romanian carriage 2060 has come on massively with lots of extra details added by Dad's steady hand - silver around the windows, red around the doors etc.


Other things sprayed in this session included:
Vale of Ffestiniog - two coats of the darker green (BR sherwood)
Upnor Castle - primer plus a base of green
carriages 24 and 25 in maroon
Col Stephens' green for 3 bugs and carriage 23 (red ends masked off)
Merddin's roof in primer
4 cycle stands for the bike wagons in grey primer
Gelert in primer and then rover midnight blue courtesy of halfords(!)
FR carriage 117 in primer (I noticed this car on the WHR during superpower - how had I missed this one being transferred?)

P1100032 P1100033 P1100034

Finally Dad and I spent ages (Dad for considerably longer whilst I played tennis with my brother) sorting out the red lines on all the WHR carrs so that they can be finally glazed.  Carr 22 was glazed as a test for the glue - GS hypo cement works perfectly!

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