Monday, September 13, 2010


Spent two nights camping for superpower this weekend, here are a few highlights:

I camped at Llyn Cwellyn, here’s the view when I opened the tent in the morning!


87 and 138 on usual service trains (but with a difference!):

DSC03541 DSC03633

plus visitors Taliesin (minus coal rails!) and Lyd:

DSC03713 DSC03718

some great photographic opportunities, especially on the Sunday:

 DSC03731 DSC03897 DSC03927 DSC03944 DSC03958 DSC03969DSC04088

Here’s the view from the Glanrafon slate tips:

DSC03778 DSC03793DSC03813 DSC03817 DSC03839DSC03766

I walked miles!  Up to the top of Bryn Du from Bron Hebog (the farm) is a memorable climb!

DSC04016 DSC03804DSC03999 DSC04015  DSC04026 DSC04038 DSC04046

and specials: long trains, double headers, construction stock in use etc etc:

DSC04073 DSC04079 DSC04080 

and I even got to see a bit of the ‘other side’ and get some shots of Gelert too:

DSC04114 P1090974  P1100009

and of course plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal with various items of rolling stock to check out details and liveries, but I won’t bore you with that on here (yet).


Steve said...

Great photos! K1 and Lyd make a good couple.

Huw Einion Jones said...

Did you see 138 up close? One of the locals has stolen the handrails off 140s cab, but they couldn’t get one off because they rounded off the bolt head. So they stole 'he one they couldn’t get' off 138!
The joke is that there is aan old couple in Caernarfon redoing their bathroom and wanted some of those handles you getting in and out of the bath with cheap!