Monday, December 04, 2006

A half-century!

Welcome to my 50th post!!

So, Warley show then.......what did we think??? A few observations:

- Backwood Miniatures was in attendance and they got an order from me (what will be Merddin Emrys).

Their kits are superbly put together and are quite simply the best in 009. Pete even said that he will be doing a kit for an NG15 in the future, once the WHR have decided on a design for the tender. Loco image below:

- A number of narrow gauge layouts were there and relevant images are available on my fotopic site:

- There were also a number of innovations there that were interesting: Hornby DCC, a sniff of a new Bachmann DCC system coming soon, smaller DCC chips than ever (and at £10) and various sound modules etc for DCC. As mentioned before Rhyd Ddu is being wired in such a way as to make DCC conversion as easy as possible, but will be conventional DC for now.

- But....I hear you say....surely he has some criticisms.....
Firstly it was very busy in the morning and frankly the aisles were not anywhere near wide enough, particularly for wheelchairs.

Secondly the catering is OK, but seating provision, although improved from previous years was still very much found wanting.
Thirdly, I saw this (otherwise) lovely model of NGG16 No. 138 in 16mm scale, but what's with the colour??? Why does it seem so difficult for anyone modelling this engine to get the colour right??? Compare and contrast ....


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Graham said...

I seem to remember that 138's first paint job was pretty much that colour. I believe Mr Doyle managed to get the paint producer to fund the repaint as it was so different to what was ordered!