Friday, December 15, 2006

That time of year


I've been having some thoughts about the time of year I should model Rhyd Ddu in:

- Winter - bare trees, dead bracken, full streams, but few trains(!) See image below of tracklaying on Pitt's Head straight...

- Autumn - notoriously difficult to model leaf colour correctly and convincingly (sorry for the poor attempt at finding an autumn pic, which also shows the lack of Autumnal images of the area I've collected too!)

- Summer - too much growth and heavy blobby green bracken coverage as shown in the foreground below...

- Spring - a nice balance, not too much growth and a mix of dead and new colours....

So, I'm thinking Spring then.....oh dear that will mean another trip to Wales, the Welsh Highland and Rhyd Ddu is necessary, what a terrible problem!!


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