Monday, March 03, 2008

A big dog!

My word it's big! It's massive, considerably long, very hefty, humongous, immense, substantially sizable, voluminous; a hulking gigantic heavyweight!

Of course I'm talking about 2043 - the first of the 13m long WHR(C) saloons that I have put together - it's 160mm long! The DKE that such a long car will need may require some changes to the scenery of the layout it's so huge!

Of the three 13m saloon kits I have, all have had their chassis populated with door steps and underframe detail as well as the necessary holes for attaching floor to body having been drilled.

Coach 1 (2043) has now been completed up to 'box' level (ready for spraying in primer) with doors attached to sides, ends attached to doors and buffer beams attached too. The right angles attached to the interior ends with 10BA nuts on were then added too. Floor and body came together and we get the below:

On another note, I found that the plastic seating moulding inside the Liliput Murtalbahn coaches are the perfect width for my FR and WHR cars, so with a bit of judicious cutting, they can form the basis for the interior detail, sitting on top of a false floor.

I have never been into interior detail really as in 4mm scale once the roof and glazing are in, you can't really see in anyway, so if the detail gives enough for a few passengers to be added, I'm happy. Of course a quick plasticard table isn't hard to fabricate and install later either...

The liliput coaches also have great bogies with integral bemo couplings on, so I'm thinking of using those too. I'll replace the liliput bogies with nine lines cheap plastic ones, add some surplus wheels and sell them on with the replaced bogies and interior detail missing - an interesting thought is how much those would then make on ebay???


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