Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Walk in the Park...?

The second in my supplier series: Parkside Dundas .

To many beginner modellers Parkside is where it all begins - easily available (most model shops stock a few of their kits), well made, relatively simple plastic kits (they do a few etched kits too but it's mainly plastic)...

They have a decent range too, although it is disappointing that the range has been static for a number of years now - there are plenty of vehicles/waggons that have no kit - so come on guys!

All kits come with quality instructions and are generally well cast and only require a little cleaning up of flash etc.

Also, should you lose a part (or think you haven't had it in the first place) they will kindly and with no bother post you another -a superb service. How many suppliers are like that? I know of plenty who would argue about whether it was or wasn't in the bag, or try to charge you too! Of course Parkside take the opportunity to post their latest catalogue with the part - given you're in a good mood when the replacement part arrives I'll bet that more than often further orders are forthcoming...!

I have had few problems with their kits, in fact it is the super detail that is often the issue - some small hand wheels or brake gear parts are very fiddly to attach and have next to no chance of standing up to handling!

But overall I recommend their kits wholeheartedly and it just might be that many modellers would never even start in 009 had they not started on these relatively easy kits first!


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