Thursday, May 29, 2008

1st - The Ffestiniog Railway

With a class leading 78%, the FR is streets ahead at the moment. The loco variety, year round running, super views of sea, river, slate, forests and mountains and on board service mean its the country's premier line.
It could be better on kids facilities, some views are now lost to tree growth and the top of the line needs finishing really. The cafe at Harbour is too small (expecially when the WHR opens next year), but where else can you sip Purple Moose either next to an original engine in the bar on indeed by bottle on the train?

Plenty of other FR images from my hols are available here:


Anonymous said...

Your reviews of the Welsh narrow gauge railways are great, may I reprint a condensed version of these articles together with a couple of your photographs on "Behind The Water Tower"? I would, of course, acknowledge the source and link back to Rhyd Ddu.

Best wishes

Colin Lea said...

of course, no problem. Pleased you enjoyed them.