Tuesday, May 27, 2008

7th WHR (Porthmadog)

We have obviously visited this line quite a few times over the past few years, this time for the 'Hunslet: generations' gala. Thomas loved the miniature railway, the diesel you can make sounds on (badco I think), being on the footplate whilst I drove Gelert, climbing on board Karen in the sheds etc

The 'freight' trains on phase 4 were also fun, especially as they seemed to be matching the main line train for speed (first image), which made quite a sight. To cap it all off I bought a paper 4mm scale model of Russell (nice) and we even got a takeaway cup of tea for the car. Pretty cool.

But as an attraction, it suffers from it short length (roll on 2009) and one engine in steam operation along with the relatively uninteresting flatlands of the Traeth. 52% and hot on the heels of the next 3 in my top 10. With an extension to Pont Croesor I think it might get to 58%.
The massive Lyd2 diesels (last image) need a bigger playground!
It scored full marks for the shop and 3 extra points for a super gala to include the extras mentioned at the top of this post.

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