Saturday, June 14, 2008

the rocky road to success

Further progress has been made in the last week or so, particularly on the Ffridd Isaf board.

The stream bed has been built up and banks improved to not look as 'clean and finished' as it had after its initial construction. Also the banks around the stream bridge have been built up ready for the inclusion of the wall and bridge itself (coming when Slater's deliver my plasticard order!).

On the other side, the hillside has seen considerable progress - we have rocks!

On the adjoining board, a large cast rock has been added to the side of the line and this now awaits joining with Fridd Isaf to check the heights etc and joins.

The station board has also had some rocky outcrops added... and in the foreground you can see the new ramp, steps and sunken culverts.


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