Tuesday, June 17, 2008

some things work, others don't

Well, good progress on:
  • Adding the final few rocks and boulders around the layout
  • Adding larger debris to the stream (these are real stones liberated from the Glaslyn!)
  • Colouring the main rockfaces using a variety of pigments leopard-spotted on
  • Mixing railmatch LNER Doncaster green with 24 parts thinners and colouring the carpet underlay
  • Adding more underlay to parts of the Ffridd Isaf board
  • Smashing up pieces of slate into a million bits and then affixing to the Fridd Isaf board to create the slate waste path
  • Creating the Ffridd Isaf access track from ballast attached with scenic cement and a mix of stone grey/concrete colours

but less good:

In attempting to finish the main roadway alongside the Pitt's Head straight, I painted enamel grey onto the road and then added talcum powder on top to lighten the colour and give a slight texture. Sounds good.

Well after getting most of the garage covered in talcum powder I brushed it off to reveal.....streaks! The paint had dried so quickly on the plaster bed that the talcum powder just hit dry paint - it did work in a few spots and hence the streaks. damn. Going to try it with emulsion (a cheap tester pot from B and Q) tomorrow as that shouldn't dry so quickly. Oh well.

Great fun this scenics thing though!

(oh and I found that the IKEA latte frother I had bought for 99p isn't quite up to the paint stirring I was trying to make it do - firstly the head only just fits in the can and then the end fell off into a bottle of white spirit! RIP the IKEA frother!)


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