Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heading West

Hi all,

Well we have moved, and I'm writing this from my new study/work from home office/'modelling room' in the West Midlands.  Bye bye East Midlands.

The garage is rammed with stuff from the move, so there's no chance of getting the layout up until I can get the shed erected and move a load of stuff there and I also need to sell a few bits (like the other dining room table and chairs we have!).  However, in addition to my small study, the 2nd bedroom has a nice little area where work can be done on at least one board, and probably two, and all in the warm!  All is not lost.

Will update the blog when I've had time to set stuff up...I suspect the next step will be purchasing my DCC control equipment and playing with a couple of DCC equipped locos on a test track - happy days.



stephen said...

Glad to hear the move went well. How much driving time have you knocked off the trip to Rhyd-Ddu? ;)

Colin Lea said...

about 15 mins. also a different route across using the a5 and new places to visit en route - it's all good