Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Somewhat damp, but fun nonetheless

So we went to the top left hand corner of Wales for the gala - Garratt 50 - and it rained, and rained and...

We camped at Bryn Gloch. There were no FR or WHR(C) leaflets there so I assume they are still somewhat 'anti' the railway, which is a shame. Our pitch was great though - right next to the line...

To show how wet it was, this was the sight at Pont Aberglaslyn!

When it dired up a bit on the Sunday I had a look around Rhyd Ddu and here are some observations: firstly the area of rough ground between the yard and the road is much wider than I thought, which is helpful actually.

The yard point levers should be easy to model.

The platform plant beds have started to mature.

and the ground frame is in, even if it does say 'Waunfawr loop points' on the lever!

They have filled in the drain at the front edge of the water tower - damn - I had just bought the etches for that!

and the signalling has gone up - here is the shunt token protecting signal.

and finally the loos are back behind their special screen.

The gala was great fun - little and large pose at Dinas...

Prince leaves Dinas for Waunfawr on the shuttle...

The funkey passes Bryn Gloch - I just must have working DCC lights on my model!

K1 was adorned with flags and a special headboard to mark a presentation from the IMechE.
The PW tool van was used on the weekend too - quite an odd beasty to model really.

and finally Dad fixed it so I could drive the Perrygrove K1 - top stuff.


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