Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We have a box

Well, as promised, the sides were tidied up and put together into a box.  The banana sides caused by the lamination are clearly in evidence!

So, the next job was to cut a piece of 60 thou (yes a thick mumma!) as a floor and fettle it until it fits snuggly.  I'm really pleased with how this has turned out.  I have however been a bit hasty in putting this together, forgetting to drill holes for handles etc, but then there aren't many doors on this one anyway (there are just 2).

Most of the minor errors I've made won't be visible from afar and so I think I'm going to continue on with this construction method (once I've added the floor holding pieces, the bogie centres and a false roofline) to No. 124.  100 and 124 always run together, so its a bit pointless having one and not the other!

On the brass carriages front, Allen of Worsley works has today confirmed that a new model of 116 will soon be available - this carriage was altered last year to have equal window spacings, where before it had a separate first class section with different windows at one end.  With a fair wind, he may also be able to produce the SAR DZ wagons too.  If you want some - drop him an email to encourage him!  The WHR has 4 by the way, I think only 1 of which has been overhauled so far.

I've also started work on a replacement for van 5 - I had mistakenly bought an incorrect (1962) version of this kit and only after completing it did I realise that the window lines had changed.  The new kit is in bits below, the old one is on ebay here:

and finally when I had a moment in between sorting No. 100 I converted two Talyllyn 3 bar slate wagons (rodney stenning kits) to resemble FR wooden framed slate waggons.  The painted one is how they will eventually look.

Happy days



Tom said...

looking very neat Colin! I'm going to use a similar method to build some freelance stock for Port na Cailliche when i get going on it. Your layout is progressing well! Look forward to seeing some more pics of scenery work!

Colin Lea said...

too cold at the moment, what with that white fluffy stuff all around.