Sunday, February 22, 2009

where in the world?

I didn't expect to find this today - right next to the National Space Centre in Leicester is the Abbey pumping station, which has a small 2ft gauge railway (not operating today - boo hiss).  A piece of Wales (well FR 2 ton slate waggon) in our backyard!

Anyway, Shepton Mallet was good fun as ever.  The exhibition had a number of excellent layouts which kept me amused.  My favourite was a toss up between Borth y gest and Tan y Bwlch, with the former just nudging it based on the smoke effects and scenics, but it was close.  See the link in yesterday's post for images.  I really fancy a gravity slate train - an arnold kof chassis in the 4th waggon (a larger 3t variety) is the trick apparently - but how to make it DCC?  It might have to have the decoder in the 5th waggon!

The 009 sales stand was good and I picked some up good bargains in the way of waggons, books (Boyd's* NG railways in Mid Wales for £10!), bogies, plastic kits and oddments.  Almost all of these have been up to standard once I got them home for a proper look, but three carriages have made their way back to ebay, as they are not up to the standards I require.  

Before the event I had made a survey of all carriages and the bogies I had in stock.  I found I was short of FR short pattern bogies by about 6 pairs.  At the 009 sales stand there were a number of unopened FR parkside bogies at a good price - I counted them up and there were, you guessed it, 6!

At the worsley stand there was more good news - the 2008 changes to FR 116 meant a new kit and I now have a one-off kit that Allen did for me - plus I picked up some Mark 2 quarryman's carriages and a NWNGR brake comp no.1.  116 has already had its pieces cut out ready for soldering to begin.

Afterwards I made my usual pilgrimage (this year only with my brother as the rest of the family were unable to make it this year) to Cheddar for mini golf, cheese, onion marmalade, firebox ale and chocolate trout (don't ask) followed by a trip to Thatcher's cider farm for a 5 litres of real cider straight from the barrel - and only £6!  Afterwards we checked out the fire ravaged pier at Weston before hitting the M5 north again.


* It was also noted today that the genius Mr Boyd had passed away.  RIP sir.


Tom said...


I didn't know you were planning on going to Shepton, i'd have tried to say hi if i'd known...

There was quite a group of us from forums that met up in the pub on the friday night.

Colin Lea said...

what a shame, would have been good to meet up, oh well. next exhib I shall go to is Port in May - might you be there?

Tom said...

Sadly no, May will be busy for me... I'll have Dunbracken at ExpoNG this year if you can make that though...