Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on various matters


The fake bogie sides for the two funkeys have had bearings added to represent the axleboxes and a bank of three springs in the centre of each side.

Blanche has been successfully converted to DCC, the chip just fitting into the boiler.

Rolling stock:

Carriages 119 and 120 have had their resin roofs added, with a small amount of filling necessary in a couple of corners. These were specially produced by a 009 supplier, who may yet produce a kit of 119/120.

The FR hearse waggon (from a GEM kit - white metal sides and coffin(!), etched brass chassis and roof) was put together. The kit features a bizarre arrangement for the wheels, where you have to solder wire across the bottoms of the axleboxes to keep the wheels in - we are talking very small pieces of wire!

I have deferred the construction of the long wheelbase gunpowder waggon to Dad on the basis that I have developed an intense dislike for Mercian models waggon kits which are just too fiddly for words.

In a break from 009, I put together a 16mm (garden scale!) Croesor/FR iron waggon as a present for Dad. Plans are afoot for a garden railway, but this will not, readers will be pleased to note, deflect attention from Rhyd Ddu. Although it will be rather nice!

The FR Quarryman brake vehicle with a single balcony (Van 6) has had a chassis added, but I couldn't find an exact fitto add to the worsley etched body so side extensions to a closely matching chassis and new ends were created from plastic strip.


A 40 thou plasticard piece was cut out and glued in to represent the final tarmac strip between the steps and the entrance to the platform.

A butchered Hornby ground frame has been installed as the yard ground frame. This needs more detailing yet and the replacement of ballast around it where it was scraped away to provide a flat base for the frame to be installed.

Peco flexible fencing has been sprayed with primer and then a muddy yellow colour to create the level crossing fencing. The same colour was used for 7 packs of Slaters fence posts and the gate for the edge of the coach pulling in area. Unfortunately the kind of plastic involved appears to not take paint wonderfully well and a few small areas have flaked off, these will be hidden by weathering (dry brushing to come) and some strategically placed grass tufts.

The level crossing's etched gates were also sprayed grey, as were the handrails for the Tro Ffridd sheep creep. These may yet turn silver, as apposed to primer grey...I'll decide when the silver spray (on order) arrives.


Ideas for the other side of the layout continue to develop, with the latest plan being a simple scenic section with just a single track and no points (echos of the 7mm layout 'Holiday Haunts'??). The scenes would be: Plas Halt incorporating Tyler's curve, Garnedd Tunnel and Dduallt tank curve/Campbell's Platform.

As all these locations are relatively hidden and difficult to access (Plas Halt is up a steep and long climb from Plas Tan y Bwlch, and Campbell's Platform is a private halt for Plas Dduallt), I have been playing with names like 'Hidden Ffestiniog'...and on that theme the current favourite is 'Here be dragons', with a movable red dragon to feature on the layout for added fun.


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stephen said...

The arrangement on the hearse wagon sounds like a representation of the horn stays which would in reality hold the wheelsets in place but it does seem like a bit of a faff in OO9!