Friday, April 10, 2009

wheely good

Here is a big packet of 3mm scale wheels. Why should I want these???

The reason is, that once the metal axle is removed, the two wheels make perfect mountings for bogies. The hole left is almost exactly correct for 10BA, so a screw can be inserted through it and can find a captive nut soldered to the carriage floor above it. The plastic false axle is also fluted, allowing a bogie with a hole in the middle to be friction fitted to it. This allows for easy changing of bogies should there be a problem too.

The only issue was getting hold of enough of these rare and unwanted (who wants plastic wheels these days) items. It just so happens that Dad is a member of the 3mm society, so on a trip out to Salisbury the other week he was able to source a load of them, in addition to a few he had lying unloved in a box. Thanks also to Terry of TT3 supplies, who sent on a load FOC apart from postage. Top man.


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