Wednesday, May 20, 2009

from the workbench

The brass angle finally arrived so the other B wagons could be finished. Two will be bike wagons and here is one with its external door fitted, lots more detail to come, including black pictograms of bikes/luggage which I have put together on the PC.

FR obs saloons 100 and 102 are progressing with the chassis done and the sides ready for final assembly. You will remember that I scratchbuilt a 100 earlier in the year and it will be interesting to compare the brass and plastic versions.

A slight bit of layout owners' licence - I bought a Chris Veitch sentry passenger van when at the FR on hols. I already had the peco wagon chassis in stock and so last night I soldered the basic kit together. Detailing and roof to come.

Carr 124 cauised some angst as one side didn't have the rebate necessary to join the two halves of the sides. However it is now ready for a roof.


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