Sunday, May 24, 2009

tricky criccy

I already have a model of Harlech Castle, which I have altered to allow it to take the new (much improved) farish 08 with outside frames.

This week another Harlech kit arrived to go on another farish 08. why?

Well, because there is no kit available for Criccieth Castle, but it is very similar to its cousin Harlech. Below is an image of the two - the main difference is that the bonnet stretches right across the width of the cab, whereas it is set back on Harlech. The windows on the side of the cab are marginally narrower, but I can't be bothered to alter that.

So I soldered on the sides where they should be and have filled the missing bits. The below shot shows it after the second filler application. There has been one more since, and a final mopping up layer to sort out surface deficiencies will be applied asap. Then it just needs the roof and steps adding and we have another diesel for the layout.

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