Thursday, September 03, 2009


Camera is out of battery, so no images...promise some in a few days.

Tonight the white lines for the Pitt's Head road have been added. I have not made these perfect, but have rather picked at them and tried to weather them into the road a bit to make them more believable.

Also the wiring on this board was completed and an error on a previous board corrected. All wiring is now done, apart from the links between the traversers and the hidden sidings proper. This shouldn't be too taxing though.

Today I also had the misfortune to require dental surgery, so I took the dental pick to the track on this last board and picked off any stray ballast that had got into the points and the inside of the rails. I will take each of the point motors out for a final clean, again this should be a quick job.

So it's coming together...must get going with locomotives and painting stock!


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