Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Beddgelert and wiring

Firstly I have managed to do some tidying work on the wiring on the most congested board – the yard.


and after a most welcome suggestion from a commenter I have altered Beddgelert to take the outside framed Farish 08.  Luckily it didn’t need much to widen the axleboxes to get this in.  I also drilled two holes at the front for the chassis to be attached to.  Work is still required to find a way of attaching it at the rear and also to mount the trailing bogie.  Then it’s just the con rods and slidebars that need fabricating.  A quick touch up with paint and a conversion to dcc (easy) and it’s all done. Oh and nameplates of course…and a driver…and…





stephen said...

How are you planning to make the rods and slidebars? I need to do the same for a project of my own.

Colin Lea said...

a good question!

The cylinders as shown there are just tubes, so I need to put a circular end on, drilled for the piston rod and with two smaller 'nicks for the top of the slidebars to fix to. I may use a spare pair of slidebars I have off an ibertren. Then I need to attach the con rod to the rear wheelset somehow. It looks like there is room to pop an 'overlay' behind the current pin, like the gem baldwin kit does, but it may need that pin removing and replacing with a bush once the con rod is on.