Friday, December 18, 2009

Taliesin update

Did some minor work on Taliesin last night, but gave up in exasperation after fiddling around for ages. 
I did manage to glue on the chimney and attach the cylinder back covers.  I also tacked on one of the slidebars and got it running nicely until one of the retaining bushes fell off whilst I was testing it.  Getting that back on (behind the slidebars) proved to be impossible.  I gave up for some thought and now have a new idea.  But first I must ensure that the crankpins stay where they are and so I will be investing in some loctite 601 retainer.

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Huw Einion Jones said...

Hi colin, i was wondering if you could tell me what chassis have you got underneath blanche? and what where you thinking of putting under the Linda you've sold on eBay (i'm the one that baught linda. (reply to please)