Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas progress

May I wish all readers of this blog a happy new year.  Maybe 2010 will see Rhyd Ddu exhibited, who knows?

Christmas progress has been slow (as you would expect), news being:

- The prep for sale of the Baldwin 590 and Moel Tryfan.  This included the first use of Dad's new graphic air filtration unit (shown above).  During this the hairdryer we were using managed to heat the model so that the low melt solder holding the boiler unit and cab square part melted causing the body to fall out of square!

- The arrival of my CMX track cleaner and a trip to boots to get some nail varnish remover for really powerful track cleaning! [not every day, but where for example paint or hairspray overspray has got on the rail head]

- Father Christmas bringing an 08 shunter chassis for Harlech Castle with outside frames, books and also the prodigy PC interface cable.

- Attempts to retain the crankpin on Taliesin's troublesome wheel failing despite the use of powerbond and loctite 601.  It seems these nylon wheel centres are not easy to glue and the crankpin hole has clearly become too large, so a new wheel must be the answer!

- The news that I must travel abroad (to Malta) for a while on work, so modelling is likely to cease for this period and thus blog updates will likely stop for a couple of weeks (sorry).  Hopefully it will be hotter over there than it is here!  Well looking at the forecast it looks like 18-20 degrees C in the day and 15 at night.  Nice!

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