Monday, January 18, 2010

Leamington Show images

A great show – a large hall with plenty of space to move about in, lots of families there, good traders (modelex and squires got most of my dollars), good layouts, superb restaurant but not much narrow gauge!

Flockburgh 3mm

P1080437 P1080438

Playmobil layout


A very clever bit of scenic modelling, highlighting a frosty winter morning – Blackston Junction in P4

 P1080440 P1080441 P1080442 P1080443

A work in progress of Toddington (GWSR)


And our favourite – Oulton TMD – digital sound from classes 20,31,33,37,43,45,47,50,56,60,108 and 159 plus lots of LED lighting in 00. Video at the bottom.

P1080446 P1080447 P1080448  P1080450 P1080451


Iron Mould Lane – nice, very nice



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bowaters bert said...

iron mould lane is right up my street. Industrial & grimey!