Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Things are proper crazy getting ready for expong so please don't expect much in the way of updates! Much is coming together but a number of elements won't be ready:

- Russell will appear in brass only although this should be interesting like that?!?

-Most carriages will not be glazed, have numbers/crests on or vac pipes. Time beat us.

- the backscene will be a simple blue sky

- the water towers will not feature strapping as I have decided to rebuild the supports in brass and solder it all together for extra strength. The plastic ones will be ok for now.

There is much to be excited about though - blue, red and black ngg16s, k1 in satin black (but no lining), digital sound castell Caernarfon (tested and working well today), vale in two tone green, Upnor in the new livery in green/black although maybe not with the red lining and loads of carriages and wagons meaning some interesting consists!

Do come along and say hi!

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Garrattfan said...

Hi Colin,
just two more nights... I think you've done a great job. Have fun on ExpoNG