Wednesday, December 08, 2010

finished chassis changes

Here are the two finished chassis for harlech and criccieth castles.

The rt models kit went together pretty well but here are some notes for anyone attempting this conversion themselves:-

- drill the jackshaft pin holes out 1.6mm not the suggested 1.4mm.

- suggest soldering the balance weights to the axles rather than using 603. It is stronger that way.

- when laminating the balance weights use some wire to keep the holes in line. Might also be worth using 188 solder to avoid it coming apart when soldering to the axle.

- be very careful when adding the slots into the new base plate - I suggest strengthening the area as it is pretty easy to snap the resin.

- ensure you shorten the new axle to 19mm.

- only add the new coupling rods once as otherwise you will loosen the Plastic holes and the tiny yellow crankpins will fall out. If this happens and you lose the yellow bit use one of the spare nickel washers and some brass wire to create a new pin and drill through the crankpin securing the new pin with superglue at the rear.

I'm not totally convinced with the way the new axle sits in its slot but hopefully this will be ok, time will tell.

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