Monday, December 06, 2010

jack the lad

Tonight I started the conversion of two farish class 08 chassis to 0-6-0+jackshaft. These are for Harlech and criccieth castles.

The conversion kit is from rt models.

So far I have replaced the coupling rods after a bit of the usual reaming to get the holes just right. I've also replaced the keeper plates and soldered up the balance weights (triple laminations).

The only tricky bit was soldering these balance weights to the 1.5mm diameter brass axle. I had to get them on square and quartered but also had to stop the balance weights from delaminating. Also the axle provided is too long by about 2mm so the excess will have to be cut away.

After a few tries though these are on and are nearly perfect. Good enough I think.

So the next stage is to install that axle after drilling a suitable hole through the chassis and then attaching the ends of the coupling rod to the balance weight with the help of some very small washers.

When complete this will really improve the look of the Locos.

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