Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paternity leave modelling

Baby and mum asleep so modelling can be done.

Firstly I installed the new section on the question mark board to mirror the extra foot added to the station approach. I have decided to make this hinged so that access to the layout can be attempted by thin people without requiring a duck under (with the inevitable bang of heads!). A simple mating piece was screwed onto the next board to meet this hinged section. A brass bolt (or 2) will secure it in place.

I then soldered on the roofs for carrs 24, 2043 and 102. 102 required its roof cutting from sheet brass first and also had filler dropped in to the domed end which will be shaped once dry.

Finally I removed a few pieces from frets, cleaned them up and created a radiused fold in a loco kit - any guesses which one?

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