Friday, May 25, 2007



Progress has been sporadic with moulding rocks and the process has taken up much of the garage floor whilst I pour and break out the moulds, preventing work on other parts of the layout.
Anyway, I've managed three separate pours of outcroppings, boulders and rock mass. The image below shows 'outcroppings'. I've now run out of lightweight hydrocal!
Tonight I'll break out the third pour and then I'll set to work with the earth colours set... That set also includes colours like concrete and tarmac which will be useful for the platform and roadway, although I'll be adding some fine ballast to give texture and depth.

Work has also continued on working out how the scenery looks in terms of contours etc. ready for cutting out the 6mm ply spurs. Should be some progress on this front over the Bank holiday weekend.


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