Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One step forward and...

Progress so far this week:

- The car park area has been marked out and initial slopes have been added with polyfilla. These will need extra coats to get the slope right and then areas of 'bunding' will need to be applied where the level changes more dramatically.

- The hillside below the station has been marked out, but doesn't look right. This is because I have a shorter platform length than reality (I can't possibly fit in a 12 coach platform or indeed wish to run 12 coach trains!). Therefore I will be using the relative heights, but not the absolutes and will thus over-emphasize the heights to make the layout look 'right'. All this takes time, but its important to get it right.

- Another wiring expedition is planned in mid-June and work has continued planning the exact wiring diagrams ready for this. It is hoped that the layout could be wired up and running pretty soon as quite a bit of the prep work has already been done (see earlier posts - point machines are in, panel is constructed and much of boards 1 and 2 are wired up already).


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