Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Progress on t'layout


Right, for those not interested in my holiday snaps, there has been some progress on the layout too, namely:

- The purchase of a scenic mat and some silflor tufts of a brown colour to go with the green ones I got from Father Christmas...
(see this post http://rhydddu.blogspot.com/2007/04/progress-update.html )

- A vast amount of photography at Rhyd Ddu - nearly 700 extra images of the landscape and the right time of year to allow the basic scenery to be constructed (next steps)

- The purchase of two parkside plastic kits both of WHR(P) stock - the Bro Madog coach and the ex Vale of Rheidol van. These have already been cut from the fret and the main body of the Bro Madog was put together last night after finishing the blog updates.

- The purchase of a mini cooper model which is exactly to scale. Ever the big spender this cost £1.25!

Some of the new Rhyd Ddu photos will appear on this blog later this week as scenery construction moves up a gear...



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