Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More on the wendy house


All the sides of the wendy house station shelter have now been cut out of board/batten and the two front pieces have had their windows added.  I've also started to add the small windows sills too.  The brass door (glued to the plasticard using the wonderful G-S hypo cement) has had a frame added in plasticard strip and the two shelter ends have also been cut out ready - they need shaping to go around the door and end window yet.  

I also made 5 more FR 2 ton slate waggons tonight.

On the cutting mat is some of the brass as delivered from metalsmith this morning - 5m in total of strips 28, 27, 26 or 25mm wide.  Now all I need to do is cut each to the correct length and run them through some rolling bars (I have a plan for this) before they can be soldered on.  Game on!

I also have a plan for modelling the elusive FR brake observation saloons - more on this soon - I am indebted to Rob Waller (of 'Dduallt' and soon 'Bron Hebog' fame) for his time in giving me some fantastic advice (a masterclass) in the construction of carriages from plasticard.  It is fair to say that he has (through some considerable practice given the number of carriagess he has modelled) mastered this technique and I hope to borrow some of this best practice to have a go myself.  Watch this space. 


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