Tuesday, January 27, 2009

weekend work

So, as predicted, this last weekend two new 4ft x 2ft boards have been constructed for the FR side of the layout using the wood I 'had' to purchase to enable the construction of Thomas' 'layout'.

I even found room in the centre of his 5ft x 3ft layout for an N gauge 'test track' for running in new mechanisms - this is powered by either connecting two croc clips to the 00 tracks and using Thomas' controller, or by clipping them direct to my DCC controller. Sorted.

TK maxx have been selling off Bachmann underground ernie stock cheap (Thomas loves this series) - so a model of 'Victoria' or 'Hammersmith & City' which was £35 was snapped up for just £5! bargain. They run well on the new layout, although H+C is marginally quicker than Victoria much to Thomas' amusement.


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