Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you...?

When the first black president of the USA was sworn in?

Me, I was down Jewsons mate.

News update

Thomas' oval of OO track has taken a battering by being put up and taken down so many times, so we decided it was time to mount it on a baseboard.  Measuring it up, I needed a piece approx 4ft x 3ft.  Now that's a 'problem', because sheets of ply are sold in two sizes - 4ft x 2ft and 8ft x 4ft.  

Obviously, I needed the larger size.  Why Jewsons - well 8ft x 4ft won't fit in the car, but they offer a free cutting service (unlike travis perkins or the local homebase).  So what to do with the other 4ft x 5ft? Obvious really - get the guy (Alan) to cut it into two more 4ft x 2ft panels leaving a single 1ft x 4ft piece left over.  Got my drift yet?

What that means is that I now have 2 of the 3 baseboards that I need for part 2 of the masterplan - the FR side of the layout.  cool eh!  If I make do with the third baseboard being just a foot wide, then I have all of them.

Even better is that this weekend I have been tasked with building the 2x1 frame for Thomas' layout, well it would be rude not to do the frames for the other boards at the same time wouldn't it?  I might even build some more trestles!


The bases for the Beddgelert end water tower that were found to be too wide, have been sawn off and the ballast replaced.  I just need to blend in the colours with the weathered ballast around it and it's done.  

The wendy house has had its internal partition added (with the hatch detail added) and the slate roof pieces have been cut from that far too thick and difficult to cut wills sheet.  Now all that is needed is for all the bits of the roof to be assembled.

I have given up waiting for drawings of the new 100 and 102 to appear and have found (thanks again to Rob Waller) that these vehicles are actually very similar to the old 100 (of which I have a 7mm to the ft drawing).  Now to shrink it in the photocopier and I can get on with that project. 


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