Tuesday, June 16, 2009

General update

After finding some triangular section plastic strip I have experimented and created this initial section of anti-pedestrian section. There will be more to go astride the running rails, but the point was proved and these will now be fabricated.

I've also completed the bogies on the two funkeys, these are now ready for painting.

The smaller portaloo has had a plasticard plinth created and it painted grey to represent a kind of slate base. I'm sure you'll agree that it looks much better now next to the larger variety.

Two (the kit gives you two) Mark 2 Quarryman's carriages have been soldered together up to this state - the seats are also done and roofs pre-curved ready. Unfortunately the wheelsets foul the floor (a problem with the kit) so I need to cut some holes for the flanges in the floor. Ho hum.

The Romanian carriage 2060 has had its roof strips added - I used mek pak to melt the plastic onto the brass - enough to keep it in place until the paint goes on.

and the 1st obs 2100 has had its domed roof end added using filler.

The two bike wagons have had their internal doors made in plasticard and brass false door fronts added. All they need now are the bike racks. I've even printed out the bike and luggage symbols to the correct size on my home printer.

and finally... some of you will know that I work in the transport industry. Although I work with buses all the time, I'm not exactly an enthusiast of buses. I'm much more interested in marketing the concept and the commercials underlying it - routes, fares etc.

However, I feel it would be interesting to model the Express Motors open top service that calls at Rhyd Ddu. This is a Brsitol VRT open top and EFE do a model of it. In order to allow an easier repaint I selected the whitest livery I could find - south wales skyrider. However the model comes with no top deck railings, so I purchased (for £2.25) a brynkits conversion kit. This is etched in steel and via some clever folding legs allows the railings to be attached as in the shot below...
I've also been drilling holes in the traversers ready for wiring, which should start tomorrow.

Finally, I have some wagons painted by my fair hand for sale on ebay, go here for more details: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/colinlea009



David Gander said...

Hi Colin

Allen's quarrymens' coach kits are incorrect in that they shouldn't have outside axleboxes - the have inner bearings ie the wheels are on the outside. The Mercian kits are correct.

So you know before you cut the holes in the floor!

David Gander

Colin Lea said...

Thanks David - noted, will drill out the axlebox holes to axle diameter and try it with the wheels outside the 'frames' as it were. Colin