Monday, June 22, 2009

a year of blog stats

It's a year since I started recording visits to this site via google analytics. In that year I can report:

9472 unique visits, with each visitor looking at 1.73 pages (reflecting the fact that most just look at the recent posts on the homepage)

Each visitor spent an average of 1 min 18 secs on the site

37% typed the URL directly, 21% came via google, 6% from the 009 society website (this link was only added later in the year, so the real total would be higher) and another 10% from various other blogs etc. The rest is made up of other search engines, image searches and WHR forums etc

There were over 1023 different search terms that resulted in visits to the site, some very bizarre!

Given that this blog was set up principally as a method for ensuring that I kept the project going, to tell family and friends what was going on, to act as a kind of project diary and as a respository for images of the layout, I think these figures are pretty good.

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Zabdiel said...

And the figures don't count people like me who read most of your blog posts on google reader.