Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little blue engine

Tonight I have been hacking about an old saltford models simplex kit (which is for a longer chassis version with a cab) and adding some details to create a (non-running) model of Dolgarrog. It just needs a brake lever from somewhere now (and painting).

The idea is to leave it in one of the Rhyd Ddu yard sidings as a static exhibit. There is little chance of getting a motor in it, and even less of getting a DCC chip in!

The chassis sides and white metal details were from the kit, the other bits mainly being plasticard additions.

This model differs from the real Dolgarrog in a number of minor ways, but when painted blue only those who really know the loco will be able to spot them I think. One of the alterations is the seat (the real Dolgarrog has a wooden slat seat), but with a driver added you won't see that and it will be much more solid for handling.


Jack said...

Very nice, love this little loco. Juts out of ponder, how long is it? I am planning a small WHR model myself, and thinking of building a model of Dolgarrog and powering it by a motorised truck behind :D

Colin Lea said...

just over an inch long.

Jack said...

Ok, thank you.