Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's left to do on the layout?

A list of the main hurdles to completion:

  1. - Wiring - I need to add the point decoder (a simple matter of connecting wires) - 10 mins or so and then test it all (much longer).
  2. - Hidden sidings - the traversers need wiring up (relatively easy with DCC) and brass bolts added to allow easy alignment of tracks.
  3. - Backscene - a nightmare that won't go away. I may yet decide to just have a backscene on the edges of the far boards only.
  4. - Fencing - in stock and should be no issue to install
  5. - Scenic detailing on the car park area
  6. - A few final details on the platform such as flower beds, bins, benches (in stock) and the yellow line around the edge of the platform
  7. - Road markings (rub-on transfers in stock) for Pitt's Head road
  8. - Completion of the water towers (basic structures complete, one tank complete) especially the strappings
  9. - Taking a dental pick to the ballasting to remove bits that have welded themselves to the inside of the running rail and reballasting/painting rails where necessary
  10. - Doing the same for the point blades and potentially reinstalling point motors where required.
The next areas to concentrate on are 1,2,5,7,9 and 10 as completion of these will allow full testing of the layout. also item is currently easier as that board is the correct way around for access!


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