Thursday, September 10, 2009


Was looking again at many images of the real thing last night and then I noticed a bad error. I've erected the point indicator near the yard points, when it should be next to the loop points - whoops. The offending post has been removed and hole filled in. It will be reconnected when I'm back from Wales (including a trip to Pont Croesor from Caernarfon - cool!) next week.

I also added a load more bushes and generally weathered the ballast. Two more pots of sleeper grime are on the way from gaugemaster as well as a length of the new peco 009 'mainline' track and an extra DCC plug for the base station, meaning I can switch between exhibition wiring and home setup easily, without constant screwing of wires in and out of the terminals.

I have also got the bits out ready to complete the yard points levers and ground frame.

I guess there is about 4 hours of work left on this board and then it can join the others downstairs again.

I have then decided to bring the hidden sidings boards upstairs to complete the layout to exhibitable standard (except minor details such as signs etc and the backscene) before I crack on with locos etc

3 kits for the 4 wheel NWNGR carriages arrived yesterday from Allen at worsley, so more soldering beckons.

Oh and the broken soldering iron turned out not to be broken at all, it was one of the 4 outlets on my 4 gang extension lead were the problem lay!


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