Monday, September 28, 2009

Pieces of the jigsaw

The interchangeability of parts between the 3 similar NGG16s on the real WHR is a bonus, but it can make modelling somewhat difficult!

If we say that the prototype time period for Rhyd Ddu is 2009/10, then I can model:
  • 138 in her new lined red livery, sporting a new front tank (a copy of its old tank) and the bunker from 143 (both unriveted)
  • 143 in SAR black just before overhaul with its own front tank, but the bunker from 138 (both unriveted) or after overhaul with 138's old front tank and the bunker from 138. In fact it will likely have 140's boiler too, so there won't be much of 143 left!
  • 87 in light aircraft grey, coal fired with riveted tanks. It is expected to go into black this winter, but you can only have so many black engines, given that K1 is black too!
An illustration of the differences between tanks/bunkers:

and for good measure (all unrestored):

So, how to get this as correct as possible?

I have the following:
  • a painted model in SAR black (143?) but with rivetted tanks
  • an unfinished model of 138 with unriveted tanks
  • a kit not yet started, nominally of 87.
So, if I remove the riveted tanks from the 143 model, strip off the paint, alter them slightly and repaint in grey, these can become 87's riveted tanks.

Given that the real 143 will return with both 138's bunker (which it sports at the moment) and its front tank, we may as well move 138's model tanks onto the 143 model and paint them black.

That leaves the unbuilt kit tanks to go onto 138. Which means I need to make these up asap, with no rivets, so they can be delivered to Cheltenham ready for 138's final fitting out and painting in lined red.

That seems to work - phew!


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Iain Robinson said...

Good to hear there's no mention of Malachite green in there...chuckles nervously...I can't wait for 87 to go into black, although I do love the red livery. It's good that you have a handle on all the component changes and that someone is keeping a record.