Monday, September 28, 2009

From the Cheltenham Works

Stage one from the paint works in Cheltenham - two trays worth of carriages cleaned up ready for primer.

From top left, across then down: ex FR obs 101, Pullman 2115 Bodysgallen, SAR Brake Van, 1001 Combination car, 23 cut down Ashbury Summer car, No. 24 not cut down summer car, kitbash of Vale of Rheidol parkside kit, FR 113 (used for a while on WHR), 2 B wagons, saloon (previously test painted), Pullman obs 2100, 2 bike wagons.

Second tray: new saloon, older saloon, saloon 2042 with different beading, semi-open, 2060 Romanian car, new saloon, 2010 service car, 2090 also with older beading and brake, semi-open and older saloon.


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