Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Coupling up


I have found a solution to affixing couplings to the three types of bogies I use.  Some of the lilliput bogies are fine as is, they come with bemos on already and if the length is correct they go straight on (B wagons are like this).  If not then the bemo is removed and replaced by a bachmann OO DMU coupling (like bemo) with a small retaining piece of plasticard glued on.  The removed bemo is then used in the greenmax bogies, with some slight adjustments to the pocket.  Finally the parkside plastic bogies also take bachmanns with another small piece of retaining plasticard.  Fixed couplings on wagons etc will be real bemos. They are all compatible with each other as long as the height is right, which was the hardest part, but is now sorted.  From top above – lilliput (mainly for WHR saloons), parkside (for FR/WHR heritage stock), greenmax (for FR saloons). 

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