Monday, October 04, 2010

a good weekend of progress

Rolling stock continues to make good progress. This weekend we:
Painted all roofs in varying shades of grey
Drilled out hundreds of holes for handrails
Installed handrails on many carrs
Added people to 24 and repainted Pullman seats in a better shade
Discussed details on k1 including the odd cab handrails. Holes were drilled for these.
Painted lettering on 23 and bugs the latter also getting varnish and the zoo car a roof.
Primed upnor's roof

And made a few decisions... For expong we will not manage:
Most glazing and vac pipes
The nwngr train which was obviously a bit silly anyway for a modern image layout!
A few carrs not required for running sets such as 26 and the admiralty brake 1001

Sorry! Just ran out of time.

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