Tuesday, October 05, 2010

More on 143

Forgot to mention yesterday that the smokebox steam pipe covers were cut from thin brass and soldered together.  They are really fiddly but should be fettled and attached today.

So far today, I have added the ejector and U pipe, bent the blower pipe and altered its position on the cab front and reattached a vac pipe that had come loose plus some touch-up painting.  Only the plates, some pipework and balance weight painting, cab spec plate surrounds and the wiring to do now.

Unfortunately though we hit a problem with the bugs – oddly as the powerbond dries it fogs the glazing up.  I first noticed this on a play drill I repaired for Thomas and the same fate has befallen the bugs.  One is passable, the other was taken apart again and has now been reattached with different glue.  The roofs were also given 2 coats of medium grey (tamiya).

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