Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bits and where they go


So here is a better photo of the kit to be built (2043).

Starting from top left we have doors, which have side and top folds which are a little fragile so I keep them on the fret until they’re needed.  Next to them are the fallplates which I have yet to use on any carr (I may do in the future though) and these are therefore filed away.  Next to them are the ends, which are likely to bend if you cut them from the fret so I bend them off the fret, cutting only to free bits of fret to be bent off.  On the far top right are the battery box covers – these have useful tabs on top (don’t file them off) and will be soldered to the underside of the floor.

In the middle row we have the side and then the buffer beams.  Next to them are the lovely steps (gotta love the etching) and then the pieces that sit inside the ends of the carriage keeping a captive nut and allowing the body to be screwed to the floor.  I have removed the side wings as mentioned in the last post.

and finally at the bottom is the floor.  The sides bend up (half etched side on the inside of the fold) and help to keep the sides nice and straight.

The roof needs to be soldered to the tops of the sides and ends and rolled from brass sheet (or a beer can if you prefer).

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