Monday, February 21, 2011

Etched in my mind

Here's the story of an etched carriage kit.

This kit is a Worsley works scratch aid setup for the whr saloon 2043. This is being rebuilt as the first one was used for test painting and as it was not up to standard was sold.

So we start with the etches and cut them carefully from the fret using tin snips. Where the part is large enough and there is little risk if damage to the part from bending as the snips cut I cut close to the part removing most of the tab. However on smaller parts I suggest you cut to leave the tab or even cut leaving a bit of fret with the part and then bend the fret repeatedly to break the fret piece off.

Once the pieces are out you can clean up the tabs. I use a 2nd cut file and then finish with a boots nail file. This leaves a tidy finish.

I then drill the 2 bogie pivot holes out to take 10ba screws.

That is the general prep before any soldering begins.

On this kit we also have some more complex door pieces which require folding up later. Don't accidentally cut these off imagining them as tabs!

Worsley include end pieces that fit inside the body and are used to hold captive nuts securing the floor which is removable. The roof is fixed. These have 90 degree folds to make to the sides and back. Except that I find the tolerances to be far too close (get it wrong and one of your carriage sides will bow out at the bottom!) and so I cut off the side pieces and use the remaining piece as if it were a single angle just there to hold the nut. A hood soldered 90 degree joint between carriage end and side will not require these extra wings. I will show this in future images.

The next post will build up the general shape of the Carr.

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