Saturday, February 05, 2011


Thanks to some excellent tips on the NGRM forum and plenty of time to ponder whilst in a Canadian airport lounge I have devised a plan to stow the layout when in transit.

This will allow the use of a ford transit type van rather than the huge box van we used for expong. This means it's cheaper for exhibition organisers, easier to drive and unload plus I can hire one much more locally than the box van.

The idea is to create two storage racks out of mdf with pine runners allowing boards to be slid in and secured with bolts. The boards remain upright and separate hopefully avoiding unintentional Damage

Two of these racks will secure 6 of the boards (all the scenic ones) meaning that only the hidden sidings board (6 ft long) and the odd shaped corner (question Mark board) would be stored on their own. This plus legs, stock etc mean it will all fit in a LWB transit easily and possibly even in something smaller.

I will get on with constructing these as they will also serve as easy storage for when the layout is not erected in the garage, like now!

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