Saturday, February 26, 2011

Next stage

Here we can see more progress on the etched carriage.

The first shot shows me (with some help from small fingers) bending over pieces using the jaws if my small vice to keep it all square.

The second shot shows the battery boxes and sides soldered up. Some cleaning with a file and fibreglass brush was done but it's not really a visible area so I don't spend too long. Also visible is the flux I use.

The third shot shows the use of a cocktail stick to position captive nuts for soldering.

And the fourth shot shows the use if a 10bz taper tap to remove any solder that got into the thread. Mist if the time at least a little has done so. Some people gave clever methods of avoiding this included oiled screws but I find tapping just as easy.

The final shot shows a useful jig for using later to ensure the sides and ends are joined square - a simple piece of wood checked to be exactly 90 degrees to the board and then glued down.

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