Thursday, September 28, 2006

more progress

Further good progress today. The platform has been jigsawed from 6mm ply and shaped correctly. The pieces for the trestle 'clamps' are now all cut and ready (one was test assembled and I need to get some slightly longer nails to complete the design v3).

Also the first M10 bolt was cut in half with a new hacksaw (courtesy B+Q)

Tomorrow, after getting the new nails, I'll finish all the clamps and start the massive rearrange of the garage required to put the 4 boards together for the first time and accurately map out the track positioning, before gluing down the platform and cork underlay for the station and curve preceeding Fridd Isaf. Once UB114 is sorted height-wise the piers for the elevated section can be sawn and installed and it will really start to look like a layout!


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