Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Finally an update!!!

Well, with a baby on the way and a bus company to turn around in Bournemouth it's been all work and very little play (i.e. modelling).

However, recently work has restarted at some pace...

- 2 more trestles have been made (I now have 4)
- an ingenious design of clamp has been designe and tested to allow 2 boards to be connected across one trestle, thus saving the total number of trestles required
- the boards have been connected using bolts and wing nuts and holes drilled for this purpose. PS B+Q only sell long M10 bolts, so I still need to hacksaw them in half, however I have broken the saw blade I had, so delaying progress on this.
- suitable plywood has been purchased for the platform and this has been brought indoors for marking up (tomorrow hopefully).
- the piers of UB114 have been sourced and now just need cutting to fit. plasticard mouldings are ready to emulate the concrete bridge sides.

Next steps...

-Get a new hacksaw blade and finish halving the M10 bolts
-Cut out the platform and mark on the possitioning of all track
-Cut out the necessary elevated track on board 2 to bring the fridd isaf section back to baseboard level, probably using polyfilla to complete the ramp.
-Place UB114 and cut the piers to fix the curves into place, keeping gradients sensible
-Complete 6 trestle clamps (I started cutting the pieces today).

Hopefully by the weekend there should have been some serious progress and the layout might even start to look like a layout! But then the baby might come and progress on the modelling front could be no progress. watch this space!

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